The Homestead Pantry

Homestead Pantry
Homestead Pantry

When you are providing the majority of your food supply for your family, a solid plan is necessary.  Part of that plan is to start with an estimate of quantities and amounts of various foods to sustain your family throughout the year. With this information, you can begin to plan for your crops, garden, livestock and outside purchases. Below is my list to stock my pantry. Soon, I will also provide a list for my cellar. Please do customize to your liking.

(quantities are per person, per year)

150 lbs of AP Flour
100 lbs of Corn Flour
5 lbs each of Whole Rye, Wheat, Spelt & Buckwheat
100 lbs of Rice
100 lbs of White Sugar
75 lbs of Rolled Oats
25 lbs of Brown Sugar
15 lbs of Popcorn
25 lbs of Black Beans
25 lbs of Lentils
25 lbs of Garbanzo Beans
25 lbs of Cannellini beans
25 lbs of Pinto Beans
5 Gal of Maple Syrup or Honey
5 Pints of Molasses
5 Gal of Apple Cider Vinegar
5 Gal of Distilled White Vinegar
5 Gal of Red Wine Vinegar
25 lbs of Dried Vegetables
15 lbs of Dried Fruit
15 lbs of Nuts
5 pints of Peanut Butter
1 pint of Sesame Paste
5 lbs of Flax Seed
5 lbs of Sunflower Seed
5 lbs of Pumpkin Seed
2 lbs of Sesame Seeds
1 pint of Toasted Sesame Oil
10 lbs of Quinoa
10 lbs of Tea
25 lbs of Coffee (Green) Beans
9 Liters of Olive Oil
6 Liters of Sunflower Oil
5 lbs of Coconut Oil
20 lbs of Salt
2 lbs of Cocoa Powder
10 lbs of Chocolate Chips
3 lbs of Coconut Flakes
10 cans of Coconut Milk
3 cans of Baking Powder
3 cans of Baking Soda (for cooking)
20 lbs Cheddar Cheese
20 lbs Parmesan Cheese
20 lbs Fontina Cheese
15 lbs of Bacon
15 lbs of Prosciutto
10 lbs of Salumis
10 lbs of Pancetta (cured meats)
5 lb of Pepperoni
5 lb of Dried Mushrooms
1 lb of Active Dry Yeast
1 lb of Celery Powder
1 lb of Cinnamon
1 lb of Black Pepper Corns
1 lb of Granulated Garlic
1 lb of Red Pepper Flakes
1 lb of All Purpose Seasoning
1 lb of Chili Powder
1 lb of Italian Seasoning
1 lb of Turmeric
1 lb of Onion Flakes
1 lb of Dried Parsley
1 lb of Dried Chives
1 lb of Dried Basil
1 lb of Dried Pepper Pods
1 lb of Crystallized Ginger
1 lb of Vanilla Pods
8 oz Ginger
8 oz of Cayenne Pepper
8 oz Dried Dill
8 oz Dried Sage
8 oz Dried Rosemary
8 oz Dried Thyme
8 oz Dried Oregano
4 oz Celery Seed
4 oz Fennel Seed
4 oz Nutmeg Pod
4 oz Cardamom Pods
4 oz Allspice Seeds
12 Quarts of Marinara Sauce
24 Pints of Apple Sauce
12 Quarts of Canned Fruit
12 Pints of Pizza Sauce
12 Pints of Salsa
5 bottles of Hot Pepper Sauce
5 Pints of Garlic Chili Sauce
15 Pints of Pickles
(Beets, Beans, Cucumber & Peppers)
5 Pints of Olives
5 Pints of Ketchup
5 Pints of Mustard
5 Pints of BBQ Sauce
5 Pints of Soy Sauce
15 Quarts of Chicken Soup
15 Quarts of Beef Soup
150 Bottles of Wine
300 Bottles of Beer

12 thoughts on “The Homestead Pantry

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  2. The photo reminded me of walking down into my grandparents cellar as a child; seeing all the jars filled with yummy items grown and picked on their farm. It always gave me a feeling of abundance, safety and comfort; knowing that we would be well fed at Grandma’s house! Sadly, too many folks have lost the ability or know-how in putting “stores up”. Good info!

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    1. Thanks, yes! I have similar memories of my grandparents and parents. We actually had a dirt floor in our pantry and cellar! How many can say that! What good memories… We’ll continue the tradition on; creating new memories for our young family members. 😉

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  3. Beth

    Reblogged this on My Wooded Space and commented:
    I like to store food for long and short term. This pantry list is very thorough. I thought I’d share because a well stocked pantry is not only essential for survival, but I also believe when living up in the mountains and getting snowed in, it insures you don’t go hungry. 🙂 I would also add home canned fruits and veggies too!

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  4. Beth

    This is a great list. In fact, I was looking for a list similar to this recently! I have a question: Do you long term store some of the dry goods like beans and oatmeal? I’ve started storing some pantry items in 5 gallon buckets in mylar bags with oxygen packets for long term storage.

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