How to Provide FOOD for Your Family

We are launching our Kickstarter Project!  Introducing (drum roll please…)

How to Provide


for Your Family

Kickstarter Project


Many of you are well aware of my passion for teaching others…

the-falcosHow to Provide for Their Family…

Well, we are bringing this knowledge on a whole new scale…  We want to create  Season One: How to Provide FOOD for Your Family to the small screen…

We do need your help to do this though!

It costs a lot to produce a T.V. Series online… That’s Right ~ 12 Episodes…  But with your support… any support… we can do this… together.

By expanding our community and providing this knowledge in a different venue, we know that more people, world wide, will learn to become food self-reliant — independent from the system!

First thing is first… Let us introduce you to our project.

Please go to our 2 special websites to learn more about our plans:    &

As a special bonus…

for supporting us early in our project, contribute at any of the levels within the week (from Image result for ticketsMonday, March 6th, 2017 – Monday, 13th, 2017)  and you will be automatically entered into a drawing for the top prize of:

Two tickets to participate in either the: Episode #10: Your Food Preparation OR the: Episode #11: Preserve Your Food ….

Wow.. become a t.v. star and learn how to prepare or preserve your food at The Falco’s Homestead, with The Falcos. Can’t get better than that!

How to Provide FOOD for Your Family by Rachel Falco — Kickstarter

About this project


How to Provide ~ FOOD ~ for Your Family Kickstarter Project
How to Provide ~ FOOD ~ for Your Family Kickstarter Project


How to Provide FOOD for Your Family Kickstarter Project

Is a “How To” reality T.V. web series (season #1) which teaches how to produce your own sustainable food supply for your family.

Based upon The Falco’s Homestead, let Rachel show you how, starting with raw land, you too can develop a four-season garden, orchard, vineyard, crop fields and raises livestock using only organic, holistic and sustainable methods.

Watch the adventure unfold in the new T.V. Show Web Series…

Why are you here?
Why are you here?


How to Provide Food

Why are you here?  No, really, we want to know…  What do you want?  What is your goal?  Does food, for you, have an over-riding message; a deeper purpose?  Do you want to change what your family eats; the way your family thinks about food?  Do you want better food security, more nutritious, healthier and flavorful foods?  Do you want your food to taste better?  Better than anything you have ever  had before?  Do you just want to see what it takes to produce the food you have on your plate?  All are brilliant reasons to pursue this… Adventure!

Where we are coming from...
Where we are coming from…


Where we are coming from…   Today is just your average, every day, winter morning in the Pacific Northwest.  Yes, it is  raining. Yes, it is cold and yes  it is  relatively  dark outside at 6:00am.  Attempting to remain positive, I don my winter gear and my rain gear and head out. The dogs are looking at me as if I am completely bonkers and remain steadfast on the porch.  While I venture to gather the birds’ daily ration, my brain registers a large branch straddling the electric net fence. I sigh, reverse my direction and make my way over to the offender.  This branch has lodged itself, partially breaking on either side of the fence. As I attempt to remove the piece of branch closest to me, the piece on the other side breaks free. Instinctively I grab for the inside piece and Wham!  I get the wake-up call that no one wants with a 110 volt electric shot to the chest. I am rocked to my core and fall right on my tush. Again, I sigh. After collecting myself, I saunter over to get the birds their food and open their gates.

Why we do, what we do...
Why we do, what we do…


Why we do,  what we do…  Days like this beg the question, “Why do I do this?” Oh, I’m not alone. You too will have your moments. So why do this?  I have many reasons. The first is that God placed me on this earth to farm and provide for my family. Another is that I love animals and it matters to me how I care for them. I love my family, my friends and my community.  As a family we desire to be self-reliant. What we mean by self-reliant is to be independent of the “System”.  We will always rely on each other and be a part of a community which helps one another and we are always reliant on God and His grace. A bad morning cannot dissuade me from my mission.  This bad morning has taught me a great lesson to always be awake around an electric fence.  See?  Skills…

Episode One: Plan Your Annual Supply of Food
Episode One: Plan Your Annual Supply of Food


Episode One: Plan Your Annual Supply of Food

Planning for a full year of food for your family may seem to be a daunting, if not impossible task…

But watch how easy and fulfilling it can be as Rachel guides us through the Holistic and Sustainable food production plan for their new farm and homestead.

As a bonus…  The Falcos will teach you how to create your own personalized plan for your family too!

Episode Two: Your Four Season Garden
Episode Two: Your Four Season Garden


Episode Two: Your Four Season Garden

Success and failure…   Victory and defeat…

Prepare your land, improve your soil, plant your seeds, tend to your garden with the hope to provide nourishing food for family…

Watch as The Falcos go through all of the trials and tribulations of creating a four-season garden.

Experience the reality of producing your own food as they shed their blood, sweat and tears….

Until that extraordinary day that they reap the reward of harvesting what the land can provide!

Episode Three: Your Brilliant Critters
Episode Three: Your Brilliant Critters


Episode Three: Your Brilliant Critters

Shall we add to the chaos that is homesteading?

Oh yes, let’s! Marvel with us at a piglet being born.

Feel enthralled with us as a newborn calf takes her first few steps onto fresh, green pasture.

Weep with us when a turkey poult struggles to survive, but does not make it…

Delight in the cycle of life that unfolds around you…

Episode Four: Your Orchard & Vineyard
Episode Four: Your Orchard & Vineyard


Episode Four: Your Orchard & Vineyard

Looking forward to biting into the most delicious apple you have ever tasted?

Where it’s sweet, tangy, crisp juice flows down your chin and you could care less about the mess?

Than this episode is for you!  Enjoy watching Rachel exert a lot of hard work to plant these trees and vines, care for and nourish them, and finally harvest all of the ripe, scrumptious fruit!

Episode Five: Your Crops
Episode Five: Your Crops


Episode Five: Your Crops

Grain is precious.  By its very nature it is precious and to be used resourcefully.  Grain is an annual.  This means you have to till the soil to disrupt and/or remove the perennials which are overtaking that plot of land.  Not only do you have to expel the labor to till, you must save seed, plant, water, and hoe, weed, nurture these annuals each and every year.

And you are not done yet. You must then harvest at the right time, cure the grain, shuck-husk-shell-thresh-flail-winnow-hull-mill-store the grain in order for it to be useful

It takes a lot of effort to grow enough grain for your family and your livestock .

Grain is precious!  In this episode, learn more about producing your grain.


Episode Six: Your Spring Harvest
Episode Six: Your Spring Harvest


Episode Six: Your Spring Harvest

Spring has sprung!  At last the shackles brought on by ol’ man winter are in the past!

But do not be fooled.  Wicked weather is still coming your way…

So it is best to prepare for the heavy rain, sneaky frosts, cool temperatures and weeds spring up  — attempting to overtake all of your hard work.

It is imperative to take it back!  You will enjoy watching it all unfold.

Episode Seven: Your Summer Harvest
Episode Seven: Your Summer Harvest


Episode Seven: Your Summer Harvest

The sun is shining…

The weather is warm…

There is a light breeze…

Providing your own food in this weather is easy, right?

Ahhhhh — NO!

Over bearing heat waves are taxing your garden, crops and livestock — not to mention you.

Drought conditions, hail storms, heat exhaustion, insects eating you and everything else alive will have you begging for winter.

Boy, it makes for good T.V.!   Enjoy the pandemonium at our expense.


Episode Eight: Your Autumn Harvest
Episode Eight: Your Autumn Harvest


Episode Eight: Your Autumn Harvest

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year… there is no denying this fact.  It is also the busiest time of year for those who provide for their own food.

With the crops coming in, your largest harvests, food preservation for winter — all the while maintaining your garden for the winter and putting your orchard, vineyard and fields to bed in time for  freezing temperatures.

This means a hectic, demanding and grueling schedule.

But also highly rewarding!  This is an exciting time of year and it makes you look forward to the cozy, relaxing days of winter.

Episode Nine: Your Winter Harvest
Episode Nine: Your Winter Harvest


Episode Nine: Your Winter Harvest

Uhmm… What?

What’s that you say?

A winter harvest…  Without expensive electric heat?

Are you asking yourself if The Falcos are completely bonkers?

Well, they may be, but not because of winter gardening and raising livestock winter-long.  These methods have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Select the right livestock breeds, vegetables and fruit varieties, give adequate shelter and feed, prepare a nice, deep hot beds, use cold frames, start planting in late summer and you too can have fresh produce, eggs and milk when the temperatures are freezing, snow is falling and winds are blowing!

Episode Ten: Your Food Preparation
Episode Ten: Your Food Preparation


Episode Ten: Your Food Preparation

This is a vital episode to ensure that you can provide food for your family.

The Falcos will cover so many topics in this episode!  From converting whole grain into nutritious flour, to rolling and cutting your own pasta, to churning your own butter, to rendering lard, to making wine and beer, to harvesting honey, creating a great sourdough starter and the list goes on and on!

This episode is about the PURE Joy that is providing food for your family!  Not to mention lots and lots of fun!

Episode Eleven:  Your Food Preservation
Episode Eleven: Your Food Preservation


Episode Eleven:  Your Food Preservation

Although canning is an important part of food preservation, there are so  many more methods.

The Falcos will be celebrating food preservation demonstrating multiple techniques, from:

  •     Canning
  •     Drying
  •     Salt Curing
  •     Smoking
  •     Cheese Making
  •     Sausage Making
  •     Freezing and…
  •     Pickling!

How fun!  There is nothing better on a cold winter day, than to open your pantry or to walk into your cellar and see all of the food you put by.

What a delight!

Episode Twelve:  The Wrap Up
Episode Twelve: The Wrap Up


Episode Twelve:  The Wrap Up

So what were the real results of all of this hard work?  Was the year a success?

Watch and find out!

This is a review of each season’s harvest.  The Falcos will run the numbers, compile the totals, take in the successes and the failures.  You will get to see all of the outtakes…

Will you laugh, cry or jump in jubilant  fervor?

Only time will tell…

So, thank you all for your time, consideration and contributions.

Kickstarter requires that each project is fully funded prior to distributing any funds, so again, please know how grateful we feel for your contribution to the cause of spreading the word about teaching:

        How to Provide
for Your Family!


Risks and challenges

Oh, there are risks! We’re talking blood, sweat and tears here people! We will have failures — and it will be caught on camera… We will have success — and they too, will be caught on camera. You will get to see it all. This will affect our overall yields, but shouldn’t cause delays or changes in our production plan — it is a part of our production plan, as it is reality! The reality of producing your own food for your family.

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