WHAT? Super Bacteria Was Found In Your Salad?

Worried about the chemicals in your food?  Or how your meat was raised?  Terrified of the Super Bacteria lingering in your salad?  Feel like you have to disinfect every veggie that comes through your door or that you must turn that steak into leather to avoid the inevitable case of food poisoning?  We’re going to help!
Donate to our “How to Provide FOOD for Your Family TV Show Kickstarter Project” now!
Just $5 will help so much!
We are raising funds to create the How to Provide FOOD for Your Family T.V. Show… a “How To” T.V. show web series which teaches you how to produce your own holistic & sustainable food supply based upon The Falco’s Homestead. But we need each of you to contribute $5 today so that we can film the shows. It’s simple — plus you will be rewarded for your donation!
I am a speaker, writer, farmer and homesteader.  I can show you how to accomplish your goal of being food independent.

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