Diagnosis: Warning Signs That Your Bird is Sick

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How do I know if my birds are healthy?  Observing your flock will equip you with the necessary insight to determining whether your birds are healthy or if they are ill.

What to Watch For:  

Egg-Bound Hen

• Decrease appetite or thirst
• Abnormal poop (watery and wormy)
• Dull feathers and color changes in feathers
• Stained feathers around vent, shoulders or eyes
• Swelling, redness or feather loss
• Crusty material in nostrils
• Favoring or lameness in limb
• Fluffed and huddled posture
• Abnormal, labored or noisy respiration
• Weight loss
• Discharge from eyes, nostrils or mouth
• Injury or swelling on body
• Bleeding
• Major change in personality or behavior


Always be prepared for illness or injury in your livestock.  Here is a list of natural First Aid items to have on-hand for most circumstances.


A Natural First Aid Kit for Livestock


1. Colloidal Silver (spray & drops/liquid – an antibiotic)

2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

3. Castile Soap

4. Saline Solution

5. Vet Wrap

6. Neem Oil (natural, safe insecticide for ticks, mosquitoes, mites, fleas, fungus etc., antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal)

7. Calcium Gloconate (egg bound, birthing trouble treatment)

8. Nail Clippers

9. Nitrile Disposable Gloves

10. Scalpel

11. Rolled Gauze

12. N95 Mask

13. Oregano Oil (strong antiviral & antibacterial)

14. Yunnan Powder (blood stop)

15. VetRX (Remedy)

16. Oxygen Powder

17. Waxelene

18. Epsom Salt

19. Diatomaceous Earth (dewormer, kills lice, worms, parasites, mites and fleas, odor absorber, etc.)

20. Tweezer

21. Black Walnut Hull Powder (dewormer, kills worms and parasites)

22. Blackstrap Molasses

23. Manuka Honey Wound Care (organic alternative to Neosporin(c))

24. Plunge Syringe

25. Tiger Balm (c)

26. Activated Charcoal (poison control)

27. Turmeric

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