U.S. Military Announces “Doomsday Plan” To Prepare For Infrastructure Collapse!


In 2008, the majority of America realized our electrical grid was held together with duct tape, bubble gum, and hope.

Guess what…

Eight years later, nothing much has changed.

Our electrical grid is still vulnerable… our water system is still vulnerable… and the current NSA chief, Michael Rogers, testified late last year that China is capable of cyber-attacks that could cause ‘catastrophic failures’ of either of these.
That’s Why The U.S. Military Is Building Their
“Doomsday Plan” (And You Should Too!)

[NEWS]  The research division of the Pentagon (Darpa) is attempting to come up with a defense system for our energy sectors to avoid an all-out grid-hack that takes us down.

But we’ve already seen how fast things move in government, which is why their back-up plan is to put in place the resources needed to deal with a “worst-case grid-down scenario”.

The one thing that CAN be done without legislation is (drum roll please…) order military action.

Makes sense, right?

I mean, law enforcement will be stretched way too thin to contain the riots and chaos, so the military will be called in just to maintain order.

Martial law will be declared. Food and supplies will be confiscated and rationed.

And for you?
It will suddenly be very, very dangerous to be the only “prepared” person in town!

So you’ve got to be five steps ahead of the crisis.

One step ahead – stockpiling food and supplies – isn’t enough.

Two steps isn’t even enough.

You’ve got to think all the way to the end – what happens when the grid goes down and things get really, REALLY bad – and how you’re going to get through it.

I recommend a “3 color strategy”…
1.  Go “Black” (At Night)

With cities and towns painted pitch black (without fuel, you won’t even see car headlights), eyes will naturally be drawn toward any source of light.

People will think, “If they have light, they probably have food too!”

Neighbors will beg.  Looters will attack!

Have several industrial weight black trash bags and duct tape on hand to cover windows at night and stay covert.

For flashlights, use a red or green lens-cover because these can’t be seen from as far away.
2.  Go “Gray” (During The Day)

Without water, people around you won’t know how to shower or wash clothes.

With food scarce, they will be sluggish and their faces withdrawn with a “mopey” look (I’ve seen this so many times).

Don’t travel outside if you don’t have to – but if you do, keep a set of dirty clothes you can wear and don’t go out smelling like a bar of deodorant soap.

Your goal is to “look like them” and blend in so you don’t stand out as someone who’s “prepared”.
3.  Go “Blue” (When The SHTF)

When desperation and panic sets in, people who haven’t prepared for life without basic needs will be rioting in the streets, demanding that the government “do something.”

And all the while, the “wolves” of our society run wild through our streets, preying on the weak by looting, setting fires, and assaulting citizens with little chance of ever being caught and held accountable.

We’ve seen it before.  So has the government – which is why they have a plan…

What’s YOUR “Plan B”?

No matter how well you’ve planned to “shelter in place”, your home may no longer be the safest place to protect yourself and your family.

You could face invasive squads of military/police… angry mobs of anarchists… or even just a growing swell of desperate neighbors who think it isn’t “fair” you’re not sharing your preps when THEY are suffering so much.

It happens.

Hopefully you have an evacuation plan when you decide it’s “go-time”.

When you do, remember that your goal is to stay “covert” and avoid being seen as a target.

If you’re forced to bug-out, the last thing you want to do is look like some “prepper”, right?

Well, in the tactical prepping world, blue = “invisible”

That’s why we designed our “extreme evac system” to be blue in color.

(I talk about your “invisible evac plan” in our free survival gear guide.  If you don’t have this guide, click here and I’ll email you the free book .)

Look… as I always say, if the government is preparing for collapse, shouldn’t you?

Well, if the MILITARY is planning for putting boots-on-the-ground following a grid-down scenario (whether natural, or man-made – like a terror attack)… shouldn’t you be planning your own tactical response?

Damn skippy you should!

13 thoughts on “U.S. Military Announces “Doomsday Plan” To Prepare For Infrastructure Collapse!

    1. That is very true and very sad. I come from Depression Grandparents… I try to encourage others to become as independent from “the system” as possible. Know where your food comes from… And for that matter where your water, security, shelter, energy, communication, health and wellness, transportation etc. come from. Decide what you would like to take on and then plan for the other categories — just in case. 😉


  1. thoughtcascadeblog

    I don’t understand why people in the U.S. thinks this will never happen to us. I was talking to some people at my church and most of those think its because we have a “young” nation as if no catastrophic event could ever occur. We owe the most to China, and they are holding out for land ownership. If the bill ever comes “due” and we can’t pay; or won’t with land …. it would be a minor act of retaliation. Sorry for the rant, but people are just burying their heads in the sand.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Wow! Keep in mind, there are those out there that hide behind a computer screen, writing nasty things, and in their daily lives behave like cowards… I do not like bullies. I am sure your mother tried to raise you better. By the way, if you wish to call someone an idiot and not look entirely foolish; check your grammar. If you wish to call me an idiot it would be: “You are an idiot — or You’re an idiot”.

      Liked by 8 people

    2. Well, you know, this is Rachel’s blog and she can put anything on it she chooses. Besides, there is a lot going on in this world that needs to be addressed besides about gardening and homesteading. You will see that that a lot of “conspiracy theories” and in fact true… In fact, most of what we have been taught to believe as truth are lies and we have been kept from the truth.

      Liked by 1 person

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