Dog Food Recipe – Our Dogs Eat Well!!!

Our Dog Food Recipe

2 lbs of Sweet Potato, Winter Squash or Carrots

3 c of Rolled Oats, Rice or Sprouted Barley

½ c Berries

2 tbsp Cinnamon

1 tbsp Kelp Meal

1 tsp Sea Salt

2 lbs of Beef, Venison, Duck, Chicken, Turkey or Fish meat  (feel free to use about 4 oz of organ meat)

4 c Meat/Poultry/Fish Stock

¼ c of Fat drippings or skimmings

3-5 drops of Oregano essential oil

Boil or roast the sweet potato, squash or carrots until soft and mushy. Cook the rolled oats, rice or sprouted barley in the meat stock until just over cooked and slightly mushy. If you do not want to use any grain substitute organically grown potatoes. Mix all the ingredients together and return to heat until the meat is cooked. As a side note: it is okay if you decide to keep the meat raw as long as you processed all the meat and it is very fresh. If you buy any meat from the grocery store, butcher or the like – DO NOT – keep it raw. There are super-bacteria which are antibiotic resistant in much of the industrial/commercial meat supply.

You are all set! Freeze the dog food for up to 6 months.  Yes you can push this date, but please re-cook the food if you do extend it.

Another option is to pressure cook bones.  When you pressure cook beef, venison, poultry and fish bones and add water to 1/3 of the height of the pressure cooker at 15 lbs of pressure for 8-72 hours (size/strength of bones – beef bones take the longest, fish bones are the quickest), they crumble and produce a very rich stock.  They offer an immense amount of nutrients necessary for doggie health.  With the added bonus of using the whole animal!

Dog Food Recipe
Snickers, Gunner, Jack, Bear & Bella

19 thoughts on “Dog Food Recipe – Our Dogs Eat Well!!!

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  2. Kaz

    I love your article. Been looking for dog food recipes as I am now cooking for mine to avoid some of the problems people seem to be having with dog from the store. Can you use olive oil instead of fat ?

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    1. Yes, you can… but dogs really do benefit from animal fat with it’s nutrients. It has now been determined that saturated fat is not bad for you and can be very beneficial. For dogs, it is a must on some level. I wouldn’t replace it all with olive oil. But, with the meat sources, they will get a good amount of nutrients. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. peacelovepointers

    Just curious: do you ever use green vegetables too? Do you give any supplements besides the ones listed? What would you use in place of grains if a dog had a grain allergy? Thanks! Great recipe, I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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