This shocking map illustrates how much land the Federal Government really owns



11 thoughts on “This shocking map illustrates how much land the Federal Government really owns

  1. Forgot the moral of the story. In fact, you never really own your own land. If not by Eminent Domain, then by the factor of property taxes. Even if your mortgage is paid off, if you default on your taxes, they can take your house and land

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  2. The Federal Government took my grandfather’s farm in Texas by eminent domain to create space for the Blue Bonnet Ordinance factory in WWII. The City of White Plains, NY took my grandmother’s beautiful Victorian style house by eminent domain to create a parking lot. These two entities can kiss my butt

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      1. Just because it was placed into the constitution/interpreted from the constitution doesn’t mean it didn’t wander from original intent. Spirit of the law vs. letter of the law. What is more important? Because, we should all know, that if you decide that letter of the law is more important, there are a 1,000 politicians and corporate interests that desire and will do everything in their power to execute those desires, to manipulate the letter of the law. Without the people constantly watching and willing to exert their power over the government… well, chaos… hmmm….

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      2. Eminent domain was an assumption of the founding fathers. the part that was written into the constitution was the need for repayment of the value of the lost property to the owner. I agree that government will take it’s liberties wherever we allow it. If we don’t like the laws we need to work harder to change them. The main problem is complacency. Too many people just can’t be bothered. As long as it doesn’t effect them personally, they will ignore it.

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      3. Completely agree… Spirit of the law here indicates that if the governing bodies harm the individual, the governing bodies must compensate the individual. What has been skewed is that the (okay, well most of the) founding fathers didn’t want the governing bodies to interfere or injure the individual. There lies the problem. What was to be a compensation became a “right of the governing body…..” again, chaos….


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