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Lights Out!

I really enjoy Ted Koppel’s work.  We were not allowed to watch T.V. when I was a child, with the exception of a few shows like Little House on the Prairie, Andy Griffith, The Muppets and Nightline.  I recently read Ted Koppel’s book: “Lights Out”.  For further information:

While HowToProvide.com is more about homesteading and self reliance, I came across this article and video and thought it to be important.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Is Iran Working Toward an EMP Strike?

25 thoughts on “Lights Out!

  1. Streed's Reads

    Interesting topic and post! Did you know that Ted Koppel’s son-in-law is the Iran expert, Dr. Kenneth M. Pollack? I’ve read his works, though I am behind on writing their reviews; but they represent intelligent and insightful reads on Iran.

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  2. You know, there is another imminent threat and it is not by any other country, but by our own government. Every year we hear reports of meteors coming very close to earth and each year you hear them scrambling to figure out a way to divert one, if they think there is a possibility of an impact. You and I both know that they will put an idea forth that a nuclear missile could destroy it before it hits our atmosphere, and if they do that, we will have caused our own EMP blast that will do a lot of damage. I always said that is what will start the zombie apocalypse, when the city people who only rely on grocery stores and electric will go nuts and either die, or turn into cannibals. That is far fetched, but think about the number of people effected and where, and it makes a little bit of sense, or a good book LOL

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    1. 😉 No matter what faces us as a people, as humans, being a little more self reliant, or just less dependent on a fragile system will help so many. For me it is a calling… Pass the word on! 😉 Thanks Jeff!


  3. Equality 333

    I don’t think Iran would, seems to me it’s an excuse for US to attacked them. Iran have no reason to attack the US, the US have more reason to attack them. This I feel is propaganda

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    1. Hmmm, thanks for your opinion. I tend to disagree with your assessment, but I truly appreciate it. Many countries have been pit against each other for the purpose of propaganda throughout the course of human history. 😉

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      1. Equality 333

        Maybe your right, who really knows want is going on with these things.
        I just feel the US (and UK) are warmongering in order to protect themselves from the collapse, also to grab all the gold :).

        Who can be certain though, we just need to make sure we know how to survive and feed ourselves.

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  4. Should an EMP strike occur and nobody knows how large of an area that could be disrupt, the suffering would be terrible. Homesteading and preparation laid in beforehand could make all the difference. This is a real possibility although I’m not sure anyone knows the likely magnitude. Great post

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