The First Step in Providing for Your Own Food

“Let’s start at the very beginning…. It’s a very good place to start…”  — Yes, I am singing the “Sound of Music: Do-Re-Mi” song in my head as I am writing this.   Want to provide your own food?  Want to start your food planning process, but do not know where to begin?  This should help you.

Start by making a list.  Simple…  but a necessary step.  List out your family and friends that you believe will help you in providing the food supply.  Take a peek at this chart:







  M 50 Husband 182 lbs Wounded Vet / Leg Impairment – Recovered 80% Military / Fisherman / Hunter / Construction
  F 47 Wife 128 lbs Farmer / Gardener/ Fisherman / Hunter
  F 25 Daughter 135 lbs Nurse / Gardener/ Fisherman / Hunter
  M 29 Son-in-Law 190 lbs High Cholesterol Solar Energy Field / Very Tech Savvy
  F 18mo Granddaughter 18 lbs
  F 22 Daughter 130 lbs Nurse / Gardener / Fisherman / Hunter
  M 47 Brother 180 lbs Smoker / Wounded Vet / Shoulder Impairment– Recovered 60% Mechanic / Military / Fisherman / Hunter
  F 45 Sis-in-Law 140 lbs Immune Deficiency Gardener
  M 17 Nephew 195 lbs Fisherman /Hunter
  M 15 Nephew 185 lbs One Kidney Fisherman /Hunter
  F 12 Niece 95 lbs Sewing / Knitting
  F 42 Sister 145 lbs Smoker / Vegetarian Nurse
  M 45 Bro-in-Law 195 lbs Fisherman /Hunter
  F 9 Niece 60 lbs Fisherman / Gardener
  M 8 Nephew 58 lbs Type 1 Diabetes Fisherman /Hunter
  M 79 Father 175 lbs High Cholesterol / Smoker Military / Fisherman / Hunter
  F 79 Mother 150 lbs Early Symptoms of Dementia Farmer / Gardener
  F 76 Mother 155 lbs Type 2 Diabetes / Arthritis Baker / Sewing / Knitting
  M 50 Friend 185 lbs Military / Fisherman / Hunter
  F 46 Friend 135 lbs Farmer / Gardener
  M 27 Friend’s Son 190 lbs PTSD Military / Fisherman / Hunter
  F 26 F Son’s Girlfriend 135 lbs ? Farmer / Gardener
  M 24 Friend’s Son 185 lbs Military / Fisherman / Hunter / Machinist
  M 19 Friend’s Son 190 lbs ROTC / Medic
9 Dogs 687 lbs


1750 x 9 =




4 Cats 40 lbs


270 x 4 =


Pest Control

(Trouble seeing the graph?  Yeah… code smashes it… see below for a pic)

Now, go to:   and create a profile.  Make sure you select the highest activity level, because if you are providing for your own food, you will have a high activity level.  Once you have created your own profile, create a private group and send out invites to all the people on your list.  Create profiles for those who do not use the internet often and gues-timate for them as best as possible.  Keep in mind that it may be that a 79 year old will not do a lot of strenuous exercise, but may weed a garden, hunt rabbits, preserve food, cook and bake, and keep a watchful eye on the kids — or provide invaluable how-to advice.  Or you may wish to supplement Mom and Dad’s diet because they are on a limited budget.  Also, your 18 month granddaughter will not be doing any work, but it will be important to provide for her food.

The next step is to start creating favorite family recipes.  Go to:  and complete steps 1-3 for each ingredient.  Remember to create breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes.  Couple of things to be aware of are: Daily Food Group Targets (Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy and Protein Foods) and Seasonality of the Food items in your recipe, Total Caloric Intake and the Nutritional Benefits and Detriments to your group.

This information is the basis of providing for your own food supply.  Please feel free to copy and fill in, add to, or subtract from the above graph as you see fit.


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