Dry Laundry Naturally

You all know my feelings on laundry…  What you may not know is my complete dislike of the dryer.  Using the dryer costs a lot of money to run.  Using the dryer creates static, is too  hot (especially in summer) and makes clothes, linens and the like smell — well stale.

There are many benefits to drying your laundry naturally:

  • Saves Money
  • Smells Fantastic
  • Softens Clothes Naturally
  • Your Clothes and Linens Last Longer – A Lot Longer
  • Eliminates Static and Dryer Sheet Chemicals
  • Is a Great Biceps and Triceps Exercise
  • Is Environmentally Friendly
  • Whitens Your Whites
  • Reduces Wrinkles

In full disclosure, it isn’t as though I do not use the dryer.  A dryer is a convenience.  But, my drying preference is to hang clothes or line dry.  I do have some great cheats to help you get through those laundry blues.

Drying Racks

Drying racks are brilliant things for several reasons.  At the top of my list is that a drying rack is great for drying your unmentionables. Undies hanging out for the world to see isn’t my cup of tea.  Another reason is that a drying rack manages your space more effectively.

Extra-Large Arch Drying Rack
Extra-Large Arch Drying Rack

Hanging small items on a clothes line takes up precious horizontal space, while drying on the rack, at its various levels, allows you to dry more clothes, faster.  A drying rack is portable, movable and allows for great air circulation.  Not all drying racks are created equal.  Most racks that you purchase at a big box store fall apart, cannot hold weight, grow mold and mildew, are cumbersome, do not fold up well and do not last long.

However, if you go to Lehman’s, you will find that their Extra Large Arch Drying Rack is a brilliant piece of equipment.  Crafted of solid wood with clear vinyl tubing over wooden dowels eliminates marks on clothing and prevents mold and mildew growth.  Lehman’s Arch Drying Rack provides you with 49 1/2 linear feet of drying space and folds down and stores easily.  This rack is made by the Amish in the USA and you will feel it’s quality.  The best part is that it pays for itself with about a year, with energy savings, and lasts a lifetime.


Clothesline Kit

Premium Clothesline Kits - 50 ft Kit
Premium Clothesline Kit

The right Clothesline Kit can make all the difference drying laundry naturally.  What you should consider when selecting a Clothesline Kit is it’s strength, durability, mold and

mildew resistance, rust resistance, and ease of use.  This Premium Clothesline Kit gives you 50 linear feet of hanging space, two 6 1/2″ rust proof zinc pulleys, 100 feet of plastic-coated stranded, woven wire cable and mounting eye hooks and a ratcheting tightener.  This Premium Clothesline Kit is exactly what you need for line drying success.


Grandma's Pegs® Clothespins
Grandma’s Pegs Clothes Pins

Clothes Pins

Unlike any other clothes pin you’ve used before, Grandma’s Pegs® will not rot, crack or splinter. They are gentle on your clothes with no springs to rust, snag or stain. Unique notch keeps clothes secure. This pack of 36 clothes pins will not break, twist or stain.  They keep everything in its place.  These clothes pins are brilliant.




These high quality laundry drying tools will make your job so much easier.  Happy drying!

50 thoughts on “Dry Laundry Naturally

  1. Living in Japan (and now Germany), dryers are fairly uncommon, or just not used as often. Anyways, I was surprised to read that you said air drying clothes softens them. I find a lot of my clothes are a bit stiff after drying, especially towels! Any suggestions or thoughts?

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  2. com/2017/05/27/ironical-launironical-naturally/” rel=”nofollow”>The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
    Here in New Zealand, most of my acquaintance ironical their clothes on ironicaling racks and clothes strains – in region because it’s better for the environment and in region because electricity is very expensive here. I like many others cling clothes on the strain outside when weather permits.

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  3. I like many others hang clothes on the line outside when weather permits. I hang them on a rack in my kitchen when it does not. I do dry towels in the tumble dryer. I have noticed that clothes last longer when they are line dried as well.

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