About Us

Rachel Falco brings to her blog a vast understanding of farming and homesteading.  She and her husband maintain a mixed species poultry flock for her sold-out C.S.A. and a 20 acre homestead.  Her passion is for teaching others to become self-reliant, demonstrating how to provide their own food supply and to inspire and educate the next generation of farmers.  She believes in careful and thoughtful stewardship of the land we own, the livestock we care for and our family, friends and community.



What We Believe

In true Italian tradition, our sole desire is to produce the best poultry in the world and heal using slow food methodologies.  Healing our clients, our birds, our water, our air, our land and our community is the reason we get up in the morning and work as hard as we do everyday.  We steward our farm to manage all aspects the right, respectful, sustainable, holistic and healthy way.

The deliberate veil created by Big Government and Industrial Ag which has been dropped over our eyes is astounding.  How the majority of our food is being produced should give everyone pause.  The way we approach the raising of our livestock, what we feed them, how we treat them and how we process them matters to us.

Every aspect of our farm management process has been approached in a holistic way.  We consider the health, well being, treatment and effect of our practices on the animals, our water, our land, our air, and especially YOU!

As a Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.) we farm to make a difference. We feel that mimicking natural grazing patterns in domestic production helps balance human interests with respect for the economy, land, water, air, animals and humans.  Our animals are allow to express all of their natural behaviors.  They are in fresh grass, fresh air and sunshine their entire lives.  At Falco’s we care about what our animals are fed, how they are treated in all aspects of their lives, how we support our local economy, and how we support your health.  Experience the satisfaction of knowing that your food was raised the right way. Falco’s is holistic, symbiotic and sustainable.

What are our “No’s”?

  •    No Bleach
  •    No Chemical Fertilizer
  •    No Hiding
  •    No GMOs
  •    No Pesticides
  •    No CFO
  •    No Antibiotics
  •    No Industrial Farming
  •    No Secrets
  •    No Herbicides


I am a writer, speaker and a farmer.

I am a Catholic, conservative, libertarian, steward and a capitalist.

I live by the mantra: F.E.A.R. ~ Face Everything and Rise!

I Believe In: Respect for tradition, preservation of heritage, the rule of law, our constitution, freedom of religion (establishment or exercise), freedom of speech (or of the press), freedom of assembly (peaceably assemble or petition the government), right to keep and bear arms and I practice this right, right to own property, guard against unwarranted search and seizures, limited government, right to speedy, impartial and public trial, free markets, personal responsibility, and for individuals to solve problems – not the government…

I guess I am an enigma, wrapped in a riddle covered in secret sauce.

Here’s the thing… It doesn’t matter to me if you feel the same way as I do. For that matter, I treasure my friends who are Jewish, liberal, democrat, environmentalist! Being different is a GOOD THING! I have found that having friends who are different from you help you to become a better person. At least it has me. Here’s to all those who belong on the island of misfit toys!

134 thoughts on “About Us

  1. naturlvrx2

    Hi Rachel. Thank you for visiting my blog and the Follow. I look forward to hearing more from you as I follow yours, it looks amazing and I am looking forward to exploring more of it. May you and yours be blessed.JR

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  2. Welcome to Virtual Vitamins! I am honored that you have chosen to follow me. I envy your particular calling; I would love to live like that! May we each be obedient to our Lord, and draw as many into His kingdom as will follow.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great introduction! Well done for everything you’ve achieved so far – I deeply respect it! I didn’t know that it was called “homestead”. I totally agree with believing in respect for tradition and preservation of heritage ❤ Good luck in all your future plans, I'm sure you'll do great! Thank you also, so much for supporting my blog – it means a lot to me ❤

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  4. THANK YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. With Monsanto and others contaminating our food supply, the chemtrails they spray us and our food with and the lives that a lot of animals are forced to live in because they are seen as nothing more than money, it is so wonderful to have people like you! I applaud you and will keep you and your family in prayer. God bless you all.

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  5. Hi Rachel!!

    Thanks for following me, and also for your awesome blog! I’ve only read the homesteading page and the one on seed saving so far, but I’m looking forward to enjoying more. I can tell you’re my kind of people 🙂
    Oh, and doggies are beautiful 🙂

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  6. Could be related…had some De Falco’s in my family… 🙂
    Belonged to a few different CSA’s. And I do try to by local.
    Not cost effective now… for just the two of us …
    But I did do some container gardening last year 😉

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  7. Hi Rachel, lovely to meet you 🙂 . Thank you so much for the ‘like’ on my Salad Bread Bowl, and thank you so much for the ‘follow’. I really appreciate your support. Your blog looks absolutely amazing, and I am looking forward to reading more. Have a great day 🙂

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