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11 Unique, Lightning-Fast Vegetables You Can STILL Grow From Seed

Written by: Mary Dyer Survival Gardening [ repost: http://www.offthegridnews.com/survival-gardening-2/11-unique-lightning-fast-vegetables-you-can-still-plant-from-seed/  ]   By the time August ends, your vegetable garden likely has a number of bare spots. This is a good thing, indeed, and a sign that the bounty of a successful harvest has enriched your dinner table and replenished your cupboards and freezer for the …

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Forest Permaculture

Forest Permaculture is an integrated three dimensional design of permanent agricultural layers combining tall trees, small trees and shrubs, vines, perennial and self-seeding ground covers, and livestock to sustainability and permanently provide nutrients. Okay, that sounds so serious and professional.  Permaculture is a method of farming management where the environment provides food for your livestock.  …

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7 Steps to Stop the Bird Flu in Its Tracks!

[reposted from my Capper Farmer blog: http://www.cappersfarmer.com/blogs/falcos-poultry.aspx ] The bird flu is an infection which jumps.  The avian flu virus can pass from wild birds such as ducks to say chickens laying eggs on a farm to people like you.  As this virus makes its jump, it strengthens, becomes nastier, even deadly.  It is very …

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6 Tricks To Saving Time & Money In The Garden

Written by: Trent Rhode Whether you’re a new gardener, or a long-time student of the land, there are many things you can do to cut back on inputs and save time and money in the garden. In fact, there is a growing movement of gardeners who have found great success in shifting more and more …

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If We Want “Unity”… Government Must Become Weaker

Is everyone reading the ZeroHedge?  In my humble opinion, there are three important risks to be aware of: EMP, Cyber Attack and Financial Collapse.  Look to multiple sources of information, connect the dots, and use lots and lots and lots of discernment, and look to your core values.... Focus on the Bill of Rights.  Understand …

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Eat Your Weeds! Purslane [image source: http://weedscanada-ca]

Eat Your Weeds!

Eat Your Weeds! The Best Edible Weeds Easy-growing weeds are surprisingly tasty and packed with nutrients [repost - thanks Mother Earth Living: http://www.motherearthliving.com/food-for-health/eat-your-weeds-best-edible-weeds.aspx%5D By Amy Mayfield May/June 2011 With high levels of iron, potassium and beta-carotene, dandelion stimulates digestion and aids the liver. Long used as cleansing tonics, easy-to-find spring weeds are rich in vitamins …

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7 Invasive Weeds You Can Turn Into Livestock Feed

Written by: Joanna Hoyt Most homesteaders have to deal with some kinds of invasive plants. On our farm in upstate New York, the main culprit is multiflora rose. People planted it as deer feed back in the 1960s and now, it’s everywhere, taking over hayfields and pastures with its sprawling big-thorned fast-growing stems. Multiflora rose …

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4 Forgotten Meat-Preservation Methods Of The 1800s

Written by: James Walton The struggle to keep and store enough food is not a new problem, and as far back as 12,000 B.C., there is evidence of food preservation. The greatest tools to the ancients would have been sun and wind. Of course, we also can look to the Native Americans to learn how …

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Growing Radishes

Radishes are under-utilized in our diet. Radishes are good source of vitamin C, folate, riboflavin, thiamine, iron, magnesium, copper and calcium.  They are also full of anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, electrolytes and dietary fiber.  Radishes can be grown year-round; just select the right variety for the season.  There are over 200 varieties of radish, so pick and …

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Growing Strawberries

Who doesn't love strawberries?  With grocery store berries costing between $3-$5 per pound and chocked full of 13 nasty pesticides, it is time to grow your own.  Growing strawberries, while it takes a little time to get them established, your strawberry plants and it's runners continue to produce for years to come.  Let's get started! …

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