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22 thoughts on “Communicate

  1. mystic636

    I love your blog and admire all your hard work getting to where you are now. I plan to be completely off grid in 10 years so I can retire from the corporate world and become self sufficient. Thanks for following my blog!

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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I didn’t think I had a homestead, but maybe I do. My Italian grandfather and Irish mother both keep/kept vegetable gardens. I basically grew up spoiled. Home grown tastes so much better. I live in earthquake country. Local municipalities ask that we maintain a 3 day supply of food and water. Since I can, not a problem!

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  3. Hi – You’ll be happy to know that skill number 8 – weaving – is alive and well. There are hundreds of guilds across America, making fabric and figuring out neat ways to use all sorts of yarns. I have an eight harness loom myself. Handweavers Guild of America is a common source for people who want to find out how to learn to weave, spin, dye fiber, etc.

    Love the list!

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  4. Thanks for finding me! I’m moving into a homestead next month, and looking forward to learning from your experience. We are working on starting up a local homesteaders’ co-op, in the model of the old Midwest farmers’ co-ops – if you happen to know of anyone doing something similar, I’d be grateful if you’d pass that along to me!

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  5. Thank you for looking at my blog. your material is great. You might enjoy one I recently posted called “The Summer House” or earlier ones about my ancestry. Many times I wish I could just get back to the earth.
    Southern roots, defunct royalty,adventurers, found and lost fortunes, survivalists.

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