15 Herbs You Should Try Blending for Your Next Cup of Tea

These are the herbs you need to make your own tea blend. Once you're familiar with the flavors and properties, feel free to mix and match!   By Rosemary Gladstar and Tania Hannan The following herbs are well-known for their effectiveness, versatility, and safety. Together, they make a wonderful apothecary for any budding herbalist. As …

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Herbalists’ Favorite Herbs

Discover outstanding herbs for a wide range of health concerns with these recommendations from five herb experts. Compiled and edited by Mother Earth Living staff We asked some of our favorite herbalists to name their favorite herbs for a variety of maladies. The result is a list of five herbs that can come in handy …

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Blackberry & Chamomile Herbal Tea Recipe

"Blackberry and chamomile herbal tea is medicinal tea.  It is known to help with throat inflammation, calms and relaxes, boost immunity and helps to heal wounds with a good amount of vitamin C.  It is perfectly safe to drink and has no known side effects with all the benefits!" 8 oz Dried Chamomile Flowers 8 …

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Making Homemade Medicine

Use this guide to make your own simple, effective herbal remedies, and add medicine-making to your self-sufficiency repertoire. By Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, DNM    March/April 2017 Making our own herbal medicines and body-care products can save money and improve our health, and it’s much easier than you may think. If you already make herbal teas, …

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DIY: A Heal-Anything, Indoor Herbal Tea Garden

Written by: Kristen Duever What could be better than curling up with a nice hot cup of herbal tea when the weather turns brisk? I’ll tell you what – curling up with a nice hot cup of tea that you cultivated and prepared yourself! While growing the actual tea plant (Camellia sinensis) is typically best …

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4 Herbal Teas for Autumn and Winter

By Jane Cookman Metzger The cool, dry winds, unsettled weather, and decreasing daylight hours that we experience as the season transitions into autumn and winter can be difficult for our bodies and minds. While some of us welcome this rhythmic seasonal change and the downward movement of energy back to the earth and others dread …

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