Government No Trespassing Sign

Legal Issues for Homesteaders and Farmers

As Joel Salatin states: “Everything I Want to Do is Illegal”.  There is no more truthful statement today than that; such a sad reality.  The civil-liberties lawyer and writer, Harvey Silvergate wrote a book titled “You Commit Three Felonies a Day”.  You, the average joe, commit three felonies a day without homesteading or farming.   The …

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How BIG a Backyard Do You Need?

Interesting... When Summer turns to Fall and the air is crisp, my mind drifts to the planning stage.  For those at the exciting beginning stage of homesteading, this is for you! Here is a fun graphic to illustrate how much land you need to live off and be self sufficient.

Top 10 Practices To Keep Your Homestead Secure

10. Keep It Neat & Tidy Break down and/or burn major purchase boxes such as a new plasma TV; it is just advertising what you have to offer a burglar.  Keep the landscaping neat and tidy so that you can see the approach of strangers as they come up your drive or go around to …

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Homesteading Family

Homesteading Today

Although the Homesteading Act was repealed by Congress in 1973, homesteading still conceptually exists today. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Congress passed new homesteading legislation and returned “government owned land” back to the people? We have the power to make that happen. Time to contact your legislators! Like many Americans, you have come to homesteading …

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How to Turn Your Dead, Useless Lawn Into Abundant Food!

You can do this!  No labor-intensive digging required.  Lay down newspapers or cardboard and 6" a soil and compost mixture over the top. Walla!  You have a fertile gardening bed which will be the envy of all of your neighbors!