The Multi-Species Flock of Birds

Birds of a feather, flock together? While it is an old, funny saying, this really isn’t the case. Multi-species flocking occurs in nature; frequently. Not just coexisting in the same space, but true camaraderie, a true relationship. For instance, woodpeckers use chickadees and titmice as sentinels, standing guard, keeping watch, protecting against marauding predators. The …

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Hatching Your Own Chicks

[ reposted from my Cappers Farmer blog: ] Hatching out your own chicks using an incubator can initially seem to be a daunting task.  My preference is to allow hens to hatch their own chicks, but you may want to use an incubator until you have a few great broody hens willing to do …

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Forest Permaculture

Forest Permaculture is an integrated three dimensional design of permanent agricultural layers combining tall trees, small trees and shrubs, vines, perennial and self-seeding ground covers, and livestock to sustainability and permanently provide nutrients. Okay, that sounds so serious and professional.  Permaculture is a method of farming management where the environment provides food for your livestock.  …

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How Wolves Change Rivers

The importance of the cycle of life, predator and prey relationships, and how humans fit into the scheme of things...  God is the perfect designer... Please do watch:   What I love about using Holistic and Sustainable management principles is that people play an important part in every aspect of the farm.  When farms …

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How BIG a Backyard Do You Need?

Interesting... When Summer turns to Fall and the air is crisp, my mind drifts to the planning stage.  For those at the exciting beginning stage of homesteading, this is for you! Here is a fun graphic to illustrate how much land you need to live off and be self sufficient.

Joel Salatin: The Promise of Regenerative Farming

by Chris Martenson, Joel Salatin, originally published by Peak Prosperity  | Mar 15, 2016 Front man for the sustainable/regenerative farming movement, Joel Salatin, returns to the podcast this week. Next month on April 23rd, he'll be joining Adam, the folks from Singing Frogs Farm, permaculturalist Toby Hemenway, and Robb Wolf at a speaking event in …

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Hmmm… What Is In My Dinner?

Worried about the chemicals in your food?  Or how your meat was raised?  Terrified of the Super Bacteria lingering in your salad?  Feel like you have to disinfect every veggie that comes through your door or that you must turn that steak into leather to avoid the inevitable case of food poisoning?  We're going to …

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Homesteading Family

Homesteading Today

Although the Homesteading Act was repealed by Congress in 1973, homesteading still conceptually exists today. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Congress passed new homesteading legislation and returned “government owned land” back to the people? We have the power to make that happen. Time to contact your legislators! Like many Americans, you have come to homesteading …

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