How Wolves Change Rivers

The importance of the cycle of life, predator and prey relationships, and how humans fit into the scheme of things…  God is the perfect designer…

Please do watch:


What I love about using Holistic and Sustainable management principles is that people play an important part in every aspect of the farm.  When farms are managed properly, it can have the same effect as inviting wolves back into Yellowstone.  We take some life, but provide numerous opportunities for life to be born, grow, thrive and return back to the earth.  When we homestead or farm in this way, it fullfills you in a way that irrevocably and profoundly alters our thought process, relationships with the world around us and our place in the whole scheme of things.

15 thoughts on “How Wolves Change Rivers

  1. This video has largely been debunked (as has Allan Savory by the way) by the scientific community in that it hugely overreaches and is incorrect about the undulate population (as is, coincidentally, Allan Savory on his theory). Wolves play tremendous roles in their ecosystems and are vital to the health of those habitats. However the video makes some assertions that are proven to be untrue – a quick fact check will show you. Would love to see a post engaging with the updated science 🙂


  2. I wish they’d bring them back to Colorado. They were native here, but hunted out years ago. Because of the wolf, the mountain lions had a natural fear of canines. So if you had a dog, your homestead was a little safer. Now, notsomuch.

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    1. Nope… I got my concealed carry permit specifically for mountain lions when we lived in Colorado. Ranchers still do not want wolves to return. But I feel that comes from fear, not logic. Wolves can be easily controlled by sound, due to their territorial behavior. Mountain lions will hunt your livestock, your pets and YOU! Hmmmm…. What is the best case scenario here? You are absolutely right MOH. Bring the wolves back!

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      1. I read a book written in the 1930s by V.E. Lynch, called Trails to Successful Trapping. He writes extensively about wolves and basically says their reputation was undeserved. He believed them to be cowardly in relation to human interaction. Good stuff. And….I’m over mt. lions. They need a predator.

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